RADAR Solutions Group is now a HDI Gold Partner! This means we are the only organization in Canada capable of delivering HDI certification & training in the country. A handful of others sell our services but we’re the experts!

RADAR is a privately owned firm based in Ottawa, whose principals have over 30 years experience in I/T Service Desk management, customer care training and organizational alignment. We offer soft skills training, HDI certification, ITIL certification, support center audits and management training.


Our mission reflects our continuing role as a trusted advisor and training partner for our clients.  “RADAR provides the highest quality professional and organizational development training for the IT Customer Service Desk environment and support teams by continuously orienting our curriculum and expertise within current industry standards to meet our clients business needs.”

The firm’s principals, Ray Marchand and Darrell Bond draw on their long experience as professional Service Desk Managers in their consulting practice and in the delivery of training courses.  The firm’s expertise, focused on IT service management, uses as its foundation current industry standard certification regimes including the full suite of certification training from the Help Desk Institute (HDI) and the Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL).  RADAR’s innovative Service Excellence series of courses focuses participants on the essential “soft-skills’ necessary to become a successful Service Desk Agent, Team Lead, Manager or Director.

Certification standards provide recognition for individuals and the service desk operation as a whole, with organizations that attain the HDI Support Center Certification designation recognized as being industry leaders.  This standard of recognition in terms of both personal professional  and organizational development acknowledges a commitment to excellence, efficiency and service quality based on an industry standard that is recognized worldwide.

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