This certification verifies that front-line technical support professionals possess the knowledge and skills required to provide quality service and support. It ensures they understand service management processes and best practices, while providing a competitive edge for career advancement.


Help desk professionals and support center analysts provide frontline support and act as the primary contact for customers. It is important that these service desk professionals provide the highest quality customer care with every interaction.

HDI Support Center Analyst training focuses on strategies for effective customer service, emphasizing problem-solving and troubleshooting skills, call-handling procedures, incident management, communication skills, and an introduction to ITIL®processes.

What You Will Learn:

  • The process of incident management, from detection and recording to closure
  • Critical thinking skills to resolve incidents quickly and consistently
  • The importance of total contact ownership
  • An awareness of the core help desk processes and best practices used in service and support centers
  • Valuable active listening skills and effective communication strategies
  • Proven techniques for improving customer interactions
  • Effective support center strategies for managing difficult customers

Who Should Attend?

  • Frontline technical support staff who need to learn the critical steps required to effectively manage and prioritize incidents and reduce escalations, and who need to master the essential customer service skills required to manage difficult customers and improve overall customer satisfaction
  • Individuals who are preparing for the HDI Support Center Analyst certification exam


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January 24, 2018 January 25, 2018 Calgary
February 22, 2018 February 23, 2018 Toronto
March 01, 2018 March 02, 2018 VIRTUAL
March 21, 2018 March 22, 2018 Ottawa
April 03, 2018 April 04, 2018 VIRTUAL
April 19, 2018 April 20, 2018 Toronto
May 09, 2018 May 10, 2018 Vancouver
May 14, 2018 May 15, 2018 VIRTUAL
May 17, 2018 May 18, 2018 Regina
June 04, 2018 June 05, 2018 Montreal
July 30, 2018 July 31, 2018 VIRTUAL
August 22, 2018 August 23, 2018 VIRTUAL
October 25, 2018 October 26, 2018 VIRTUAL
December 03, 2018 December 04, 2018 VIRTUAL

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Course Curriculum

Unit 1: Evolution of the Support Center

  • Evolution of the Support Center
  • Role of the Support Analyst
  • Support Center’s Role in the Business

Unit 2: Strategic Framework

  • Strategic Perspective
  • Service Level Agreements
  • Standard Operating Procedures
  • Business Alignment

Unit 3: Service Delivery Methods and Technology

  • Service Delivery Methods
  • Telephony Systems
  • Service Management Systems

Unit 4: Support Center Processes and Operations

  • Best Practices for IT Service Management
  • ITIL Service Support
  • Security Management
  • Knowledge Management
  • Quality Assurance

Unit 5: Call Handling Procedures

  • Total Contact Ownership
  • Procedures for Call Handling

Unit 6: Communication Skills

  • Communication Process
  • Cultural Sensitivity
  • Vocal Elements
  • Active Listening
  • Incident Documentation
  • Writing Skills

Unit 7: Problem-Solving and Troubleshooting Skills

  • Problem-Solving Skills and Types of Thinking
  • Questioning Skills
  • Solve Incidents Using the Incident Management Process
  • Additional Customer Service Skills
  • Root Cause Analysis

Unit 8: Maximizing Effectiveness

  • Your Customer’s Psychological Needs
  • Handling Conflict
  • Handling Difficult Customer Behaviors
  • Stress Management
  • The Power of a Service Attitude
  • Managing Your Use of Time
  • Managing Your Career


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Certification Exam

The certification exam is included with training purchased. It may also be purchased separately. The exam must be completed within 12 weeks of purchase.

The certification exam is based on the HDI Support Center Analyst (HDI-SCA) Certification Standard and is delivered online through the HDI Learning Center.

Each exam consists of 65 multiple choice questions and must be completed in 75 minutes. A minimum score of 80 percent is required to pass a certification exam, unless otherwise published. Individuals who achieve the passing score will receive a certificate from HDI acknowledging their accomplishment and a credentialing logo that may be added to signature blocks and business cards.

Our courses are developed from the certification standards and are designed to assist a student in preparing for an HDI certification exam. They reinforce the core concepts of the certification standards and provide skills-building opportunities for the attendees

Exam Weighting

The certification exam is randomly generated from a pool of pre-authorized exam questions. As a result, each certification exam is different. The questions have been classified by the categories of the HDI Standard. The certification exam is designed to test the candidate’s knowledge in each category.

The number of questions presented from each category is based on the certification weighting. When the time available to study prior to taking a certification exam is limited, consider the certification weighting and review the categories with the highest allocations.

The following table represents the weighting for each of the standards categories within the   certification exam. This information is provided to help you focus as you prepare for the exam.

Category Weighting %
Leadership 10 %
Policy and Strategy 10 %
People Management 10 %
Resources 20 %
Process and Procedures 45 %
Performance Results 5 %

Exam Extensions

A 28-day extension is available for an online exam: details

Exam Retakes

Exam retakes can be purchased for a fee: details

Exam Insurance

Exam insurance now available: details

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