In today’s environment service specialists must appropriately deal with the constant demand of customer-induced stress and their own personal stressors inside and outside the workplace.  Being able to identify the sources of stress and manage responses to these sources will improve your ability to provide high-quality customer service.

Service specialists, ineffectively dealing with stress, can displace their anxiety, anger and tension on the client.  Building a quality customer relationship takes an extended effort…losing it takes 30 seconds. RADAR Solutions Group as Customer Care Experts recognizes this challenge and provides, with the “Making Light of Stress” course, ways of managing stress in a customer service environment.

In this course we will examine the root causes of stress and detail the many ways that stress affects more than just the workplace environment.  With service specialists in mind we will examine the impacts of stress and introduce coping strategies.  On completion of the course, participants will formulate a personal plan to cope with, and better manage the effects of stress in their everyday lives.

Course Objectives

There are three main objectives of this course:

1. Define the causes of stress and identify the symptoms.
2. Gain an understanding of personal stressors commonly found at work and in the home environment.
3. Create a personal “living” Stress Control Plan



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Course Curriculum


  • Stress and the impact on the service industry.

Module 1

  • Defining Stress and its Effects on the Human Body

Module 2

  • The Wellness Wheel – RADAR’s Approach to Identifying Stressors Impacting Individuals.

Module 3

  • Developing Strategies to Cope with Stress.

Module 4

  • Building Your Personal Stress Management Plan

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