“You can make or break the entire customer relationship in the first 30 seconds of contact. To the customer, the front line employees are the company.*” This course provides participants with the opportunity to improve their “one on one” communications to improve the customers’ experience.

The session is highly interactive using a variety of learning methods: visual presentation, lecture, discussion and small group exercises. Knowledge learned includes ideas for improving teamwork, handling difficult customer behavior and managing stress.

This course is designed to improve the use of the telephone for business communications. Participants learn how the telephone can be used more effectively in their daily contacts with customers and with co-workers.

In situations where participants are the first contact within the company, the benefits of this course are quickly realized in an improved customer “first impression”.

Course Goals

  • To understand how our attitude influences the quality of the customer service we provide.
  • To learn communication skills that are effective in improving our ability to deal with customers and co-workers.
  • To explore telephone techniques, which are effective in help desk work.
  • To identify and practice strategies for working with difficult customer situations.


March 16, 2017 Ottawa
May 5, 2017 Regina

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Course Curriculum

Module 1:

  • Satisfying the Customer
  • Customer Rights

Module 2:

  • Communication Skills
  • Active Listening skills
  • Questioning skills
  • Difficult customer #1

Module 3:

  • The Team Network Concept
  • Tips for being effective team members
  • Difficult Customer #2

Module 4:

  • Exploring Behaviours
  • Behaviour types
  • Responding to an aggressive customer
  • Non-assertive behaviour
  • Assertive behaviour
  • Difficult customer #3

Module 5:

  • Listening Techniques
  • Telephone techniques
  • Voice quality
  • Difficult customer #4

Module 6:

  • Difficult Customers Summary
  • Difficult customer #5
  • Difficult customer #6

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Duration: 1 Day