This one-day course will introduce the participant to a structured approach to problem solving. In our daily activity, both at home and at the office, we are constantly faced with problems and the need to solve them quickly and efficiently. Some problems will be easy to resolve, others may require an investigation with the investment of much time and other resources.

A structured approach, a process, insures that problems are resolved efficiently and effectively every time. In addition, where multiple levels of problem solvers are involved, the process allows the gathering of information, vital to the next stage in the problem solving process.

Case studies introduced are intended to give the participant practice in applying the troubleshooting process.

Course Goals

On completion of this course, the participants will:

  • Be better equipped to ask the right questions, which will lead to a higher problem resolution at first contact.
  • Better able to gather information in situations where they are not the subject matter experts.
  • Create clear problem descriptions that will assist their service team members whenever calls are escalated or transferred to another team.
  • Learn to reduce customer frustration by reducing the number of repeat questions.
  • Learn how to methodically test conclusions before offering a solution to the customer
  • Learn an approach to troubleshooting in teams


February 27, 2017 Ottawa
March 17, 2017 Ottawa

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Course Curriculum

Module 1: Problem Solving

  • The Definition of Troubleshooting
  • Introduction to Problem Solving
  • Recognizing Problems

Module 2: The Troubleshooting Process

  • Conducting the Situation Appraisal
  • Using Questioning Techniques
  • Developing the Incident Statement
  • Structuring the Problem Description
  • Processing the Data
  • Identifying Possible Causes
  • Testing and Verifying Probable Cause
  • Resolving the Problem
  • Shortcut to Problem Solving

Module 3: Process Oriented Teamwork

  • The Value Corporate Statements Bring to Teams
  • Characteristics of Teams
  • Teamwork and Service Incident Flow
  • How QTT Process Promotes Teamwork

Module 4: Conclusion

  • When to use the QTT Process

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Price: $495 CAD

Duration: 1 Day